Working with the Natural History Museum Wildlife Garden

We are happy to announce that the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Garden are collaborating with us to provide our Crop Wild Relative plants. The museum itself is heavily involved in research into Crop Wild Relatives and food security, and as Caitlin works at the museum, this collaboration was a natural fit. The UK native plants will be grown on sight in the wildlife garden and then taken to Malvern to be planted into our show garden. The Wildlife Garden has planting zones representing different habitats across the UK and the wildlife found within these, and is the museums first living collection.

1b - 14 Nov 2012 (rowan trees) J. Jackson.jpg

Potentially even more exciting is the life the plants will have after the Malvern show, as we will return them to the NHM Wildlife Garden to be replanted within a planting scheme that will focus on Crop Wild Relatives and their importance! This is a great collaboration for us and even better that they are as keen as we are to help promote the importance of Crop Wild Relatives and food security!

3 b- 21 nov 2013 (chalk pond) J. Jackson.jpg

To find out more please visit their website at and blog at

Or even better visit the museum and garden to see for yourself some of the great work they focus on!

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