1 week today until the build starts!

So for many of you today is Easter Monday, but for us it marks one week until the RHS Malvern Spring Festival build starts for our festival garden.

We’ve had a very busy weekend preparing but we are not sure that has made us any more ready.

We spent Saturday in Norwich visiting our Crop Wild Relatives at British Wild Flower Plants. This was a very exciting and nerve racking trip as since placing the order a few months ago we had not yet been to see the site or seen them growing.  Linda looked after us very well and even gave us a tour of her whole site, which was great and we saw the different aspects behind the business. Most of the CWRs looked great and were really coming along well, particularly the varying Trifoliums, but we have a few concerns about some of them but we are remaining positive with 4 weeks until judging that they will come along nicely.

Having never studied garden design or having undertaken such a project before we are both unsure on so many elements of the garden but are working through them all as best as we can. We now realise, having seen the c.700 pots of CWRs that they are probably not enough and will get eaten up very quickly in a 4X4m garden, especially as most of them are low lying. So we spent some time thinking and researching and Tessa went off to visit another nursery in Nottinghamshire on Sunday to scout out some additional varieties to bulk out the CWRs, the main focal point of the garden. We aim to place an order tomorrow just to calm our nerves that we will not have enough plants when they all arrive in Malvern.

On Friday we are off to Hortus Loci to pick out our British native Spring ornamentals to add colour and height to the garden. We are really excited to see what Hortus have to offer as we have seen their amazing plants in many of last years Chelsea Flower Show gardens. We have already sourced our multi-stem Corylus avellana from them and arranged delivery ready for next week!

Our bespoke concrete tiles from Mortise Concrete are ready for collection which has been arranged for the first week as well!

The seeded concrete is a bit of a worry for us. We have visited it several times and the seeds have not germinated as much as we would have liked. The idea was to have 3 pillars of varying heights as feature pieces showing off the 3 different stages of the Seeded Concrete life cycle; fully grown, beginning to grow, and just concrete. However, the concrete is browner than we imagined and with less growth than we anticipated they stand out more. They are very fragile and they still need to withstand the transport to the site without cracking too much more, so we will keep a close eye and monitor the development.

We had our last meeting with our landscape manager before the build begins so that we are both up to date with the design and time plan for creating it. Andrew, has been excellent to work with and we are really excited to see his team’s great work!

So are we prepared? We’re nervous. We’re excited. We’re as prepared as we can be as a team now, it’s just waiting to see if all the different elements come together which are all out of our control!!!

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