Day 10: Photo Diary

After a quick and hearty breakfast curtsey of Stanbrook Abbey, we headed to the site to give everything their morning water. We then headed off for our final trip to Hortus Loci to pick out our final ornamental plants, with the help of Michael, Show Manager.


Keep your eyes peeled for this to make an appearance!

We then dashed back to Malvern, to give our plants an evening water!

It would be wrong to say the last two days of radio silence have been because we have been having a ball and everything is going well. As you can imagine, there are ups and downs to every project, and for this project the downs seem particularly huge as we attempt to learn the inner thinkings of an RHS judge’s brain.

There are still numerous things to do, plan Bs and Cs to create and a whole lot of plant care and planting to go!

We will attempt to keep you posted but the positive is we have a great group of people around us, including our invaluable mentors, the atmosphere is encouraging and supportive, and we have TIME! Time is our friend (…1.5 weeks to go…)

More plants in our wind proof pen!

More plants in our wind proof pen!

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2 Responses to Day 10: Photo Diary

  1. cyril vancliff says:

    its all looking good, keep at it. Gdad Cyril and Nana Shirley


  2. caitlin125 says:

    Thank you, we are trying our best despite the ups and downs. X


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