Day 17: Mad plant dashes

An early start for a busy day which began with a second visit to Grange Farm Nursery to collect what we had put on hold at the beginning of the week. A car boot full later we are feeling slightly more confident that we might just have enough plants.


On site we waited around for the RHS Judging representation to arrive so that we could pick their brains on several questions we had on how the judges might view our plot, design and changes. This was a very useful exercise and it meant we now knew that the planting space under the tree would be viewed as partial shade as in a woodland, rather than the full sun it receives in the showground. We are now able to order the correct plants, quite last minute to fit the appropriate area.

Mid-afternoon it was off again, ‘over-the-hill’ as the locals say, and off to Wyevale Nursery in Hereford. Here we collected another car load of plants, this time a range of Festuca and Stipa grasses to bulk out our already existing planting plans.


The boot was not quite big enough, with Caitlin having to look after one in her footwell for the whole journey home.


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