The Final Count Down!

There’s just 48 hours left to vote for us in the Gardensita Considered Design Awards!

Although it doesn’t look like we will win, it’s been a great honour to be considered Finalists, but all final votes still count so get clicking:

While there, have a look at the Edible Garden category at a fellow British designers entry. Judy Bown designed the 12 week kitchen garden from Somerset. She’s so close to winning all our votes can help! And you’re allowed to vote in more than one category. For more info on Judy see her website:

Thanks for all your support and votes!

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One Response to The Final Count Down!

  1. Paul says:

    So very proud of you both to take on not only RHS Malvern (with a Silver) and being invited to exhibit at other RHS sites, and then looking like a 3rd in an international event, without training (other than your mums like of getting down and dirty in the garden!). My contribution was to cancel (while you were young) Sky TV so that you found such a more interesting way of spending your time.
    dad x


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