Crowd Funding Supporters

We would like to thank every single one of you who was able to donate towards our first ever RHS garden, which includes those listed below and those who do not wish to be mentioned. Without you all, this would not be possible!
Andrew O'BrienAndrew O’Brien of Grow Garden Maintenance – grow is a Kent based gardening service with a passion for creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor living spaces for  their clients


Old Court Nurseries & The Picton Garden – ‘Michaelmas Daisy specialists since 1906 – garden and nursery.’

Luke Barklamb

Luke Barklamb – ‘Award winning landscape designer developing gardens according to taste, needs and budget’

 Thinkingardens ad 150x300-advert (1)

ThinkinGardens  ‘For people who want more than gardening from gardens’ 

The Middle Sized Garden Blog – If your garden is bigger than a courtyard, but smaller than an acre’

The Backyard Larder – ‘Exploring the possibilities of the perennial vegetable garden’

And last but not least

Alison Levey; Carol Conway; Chelsea Powell; Chris Bratt; Chris Judge; Claire; David Wardrop; Dono Boyer III; Douglas Mackay; Emma Cooper; Emma Reilly; Geoff Stonebanks; Jo Burns; Judith Thompson; Justin Buetter; Kathleen Keating; Kid Café; Kim Rennie; Kirsty French; Louise Edwards; Lydia Mackay; Meira Jacobson; Natalia Quacquarelli; Ryohko Yamamoto; Sheila Goggs; Stefan Plockey; Stephen Hackett; Steve & Jane McCarthy; Vikki Poole


One Response to Crowd Funding Supporters

  1. steve says:

    It’s good to see you’ve received so much support and from such a variety of organisations. This is no doubt due to your hard work and enthusism – well done!


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