William Lee Surface Design


William studied Textiles and Surface Design at Bucks New University.  He has a strong interest in material development which allows him to work with individuals both within and outside his chose field.

We are working with William with his ‘Seeded Concrete’ product, which he explains here:
“In collaboration with a materials scientist and Shire Green Roof Substrates Ltd, I have developed a biodegradable ‘seeded’ concrete, which further combines architectural design with nature. Creating specially developed concrete material, with seeds embedded within it, provides a unique opportunity to welcome nature within architectural design. As well as provide a solution to lost habitats of native wildlife and flower species, together with getting people to reconnect with nature in an otherwise ‘baron’ landscape for plants. With a similar consistency of ‘regular’ concrete, seeds start to germinate once water is added to the material. Plant growth through the substance slowly breaking down the material, which decomposes into soil. Becoming completely biodegradable.”


Follow his progress on –






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